Friday, January 25, 2008


I'm sure everyone has a strong desire to read about the daily happenings of my life. Honestly. I have a lot of interesting things to say, thoughts to think, and generally amusing observations to make. Well, I amuse myself at least, and really...that's pretty much the most important thing. The person you will spend the majority of your life with is yourself, so you owe it to yourself to become as interesting as possible, that's what I always say. Or at least, someone important said that at one time.

Anyway, I don't have anything terribly important to say...I just wanted to mention that the purpose of this blog is to sort of untangle the haphazard little thoughts that get caught up in my head...and also to help me remember things. I am great at remembering things like lines in a show, or converstations I have with people. However, I am highly scatterbrained here and there, and writing things down tends to help with that. It also helps me to stay more focused, and not get lost in my little net of daydreams!

Also, I like quotes. And I want a better place to keep track of things that people say or things that I read. This should work, right? What I do NOT intend to do is keep a lovely little diary in which I use many emoticons and abbreviations, gush about my hopes and dreams, and/or gossip about people in my life by giving them clever nicknames. If you're interested in that, please help yourself to the abundance of literature out there aimed for such purposes...I'm thinking the whole "Shopaholic" series I keep hearing about!


Oh! A quote. I am so done being sick by the way. SO. DONE.
"At times the world may seem a sinister and unfriendly place, but believe us when we say that there is much more good in it than bad. All you have to do is look hard enough. And what might seem to be a series of unfortunate events may in fact be the first steps in a journey."

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