Thursday, January 31, 2008


"We are all worms, but I do believe I am a glow worm." Winston Churchill

I don't hate my job. In fact, I rather enjoy it on most days. I get to hang out with college students all day, I travel a lot, and I am almost never terribly overcome with job-related stress. I love my students, and the fact that on any given day about a dozen of them will sporatically stop in my office for any variety of reasons: relationship advice, academic counseling, non-academic counseling, or just a hug. I'm a great hugger.

That said, I really really wish I didn't have to work. Because I wouldn't. I wouldn't abstain from work in a Paris Hilton-esque kind of way. I just feel that if my time wasn't spent sitting in an office all day, I could really do many more valuable things. I'm becoming more and more sure in life that what I'm supposed to be doing is helping other people with things...probably because somewhere along the way, someone was able to help me in a way that absolutely saved my life. Also, I honestly understand people pretty well. I'm a smart girl, but I'm not a genius. I hate doing math. But I understand things, and I'm able to make sense of things in a way that I don't think everyone can.

So, here is my list of things I'd like to do when/if the time ever comes that I don't have to work. A side note is that should I ever end up having children, that time will come. I'd want myself or my husband staying home with them at least until they went to school. Call me antiquated, but children are impressionable, and I want to be the one responsible for those impressions!

Anyway, the list:
1. Volunteer at an inpatient psych unit, probably with adolescents, as a counselor.
2. Volunteer at the Women's Shelter, again...probably as a counselor.
3. Go to grad school full time.
4. Learn how to surf. This would involve many trips to places like Waikiki or Fiji.
5. Travel...probably to Greece, England, Japan, and Australia to start.
6. Become a licensed pilot. I'm sure people would trust me to fly them places.
7. Teach swimming lessons more than once a week.
8. Try to break a world record, like for the longest game of Uno ever played or something.
9. Actually focus on auditioning for shows that I want to do...and then actually DOING them.
10. Learn how to speak French.
11. Finally finish the next great American novel. Prior to that, I should start writing the next great American novel.
12. Go skydiving. This is probably is going to happen soon whether or not I'm working.
13. Spend more time with people I should see more and don' my grandmother.
14. Volunteer with the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty.
15. Learn how to sail, and sail around the Virgin Islands for a bit. Not alone! That's a scary idea.

That's really all for now. I'm sure there are more, but that's a good start.

I love glow worms, by the way. Remember those? They were great!

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