Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Soooo...guess who has a new job! This will be a multiple choice question:

a. Our dog Hamlet--finally got his dream job of Mulch From The Yard Eater
b. The Noid--remember him? From Dominos? Avoid the Noid? He got hired by Pizza Hut to promote their wings.
c. Zach Morris--his ability to stop time by making a "T" with his hands has launched him into reality tv superstardom.
d. Me

If you guessed "d," then you win! Please see me at a later date to collect your prize. Just so you know, your prize is a hug.

After five and a half years (why does time move so quickly??) of working in Admissions at Penn State, I've been offered a job at Harrisburg Area Community College as their Coordinator of Student Life and Multicultural Affairs. I know what you're thinking, and yes...that DOES make me kind of a big deal. But honestly, it's a huge step up in terms of responsibility, SALARY, and awesomeness. I'm really excited to get started. My first day is January 4, and my new colleagues are already e-mailing and calling me with questions!

So, here's where this inevitably leads. I've said almost since I moved here that I wanted to move away. York wasn't nearly glamorous enough for me, there wasn't enough to do, the people didn't impress me...I had a nice little list of reasons to book it out of here. But here's the thing--it's kind of grown on me. I can easily get to Philly, Baltimore, DC, and NYC. Harrisburg, Lancaster, and York all have these great little hidden artsy areas with awesome local artists and businesses. And it's so cheap to live here! If I lived in NYC, like I've always said I wanted to do, I could never afford to DO anything! Living in York will afford me the opportunity to actually have money to spend. I can travel abroad. I can buy things. I can manage to feed my expensive tastes.

So apparently it turns out I'll be sticking around here, which is good. And also, in York, I stand out. People find me endlessly stylish, quirky, and savvy. I think I might blend in a little bit more in a bigger city, and I do NOT like doing that!

"The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in."
Paris Hilton

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


You know what? Life is awesome. Remember how I blogged at the beginning of the year about 2009 being the year of change? It seriously has been--in fact, I believe that in December I'll probably write a blog detailing the highlights of 2009. But for now, since it's Thanksgiving, and it's what you're supposed to do, I wanted to make a list of things I'm thankful for. Because there are a lot of them. And should too. And then when you start getting yourself all worked up over something, tossed into a panic, getting into hypothetical arguments in your head (is that just me?) you can look back and remember that things are actually pretty ok.

I'm Thankful For (in random order):

1. AB--I've dated a lot of douchebags. I've also dated some really great guys, but there have been more than a few twats. And I had kind of figured that at some point I was going to have to lower my standards just a little bit, because no one was ever going to be able to fulfill all my expectations. Wrong. AB is exactly who I always hoped I'd find but never really thought I would. And all those people who said living with a boy was going to suck and be hard--what is WRONG with you?? It's awesome!

2. My family. This is pretty much a no-brainer. I have the best family I know of, and I've met a lot of families. They're fun, funny, adorable, and my best friends.

3. My hair. It's still amazing. I think sometimes I fear that it'll turn normal or plain, but that hasn't happened yet. GO GINGERS.

4. Hamlet. Ok, he can be a real asshole sometimes, but I have the cutest dog EVER. I dare you to try to find a cuter one. And while he makes me SO mad sometimes, I love him so much, and get so proud of him. Who would have thought that pooping outside would make me want to throw a party?

5. LA Fitness. Ohhh, how I adore thee. If I could wrap LA Fitness in a little bundle and put it in my pocket forever, I would. I'm throwing spin class on this one. I sometimes wish I could hug spin class.

6. 20% off coupons from Coach. Why didn't I sign up for their e-mail list earlier??

7. My rockin' house. Have you been to visit me yet? It rocks.

8. No hospital visits in over a year! I'm sure it was smart to say that...but after three several day long hospital stays in less than two years, I was starting to think that there were little terrorists living in my body trying to sabotage me. And maybe there WERE, but luckily my Belgian mafia badassness kicked them out.

9. Gmail. I love gmail. I should write a letter to Google, because it's fantastic.

10. Cruise to Mexico in December, New Orleans for New Year's, and Vegas in February! I promise to send you all postcards! I also feel like I should start investing in some SPF 45. I would rather not come back from any of those destinations looking like a tomato.

11. IKEA. The world seems better knowing that IKEA is in it.

12. Smoothies. I haven't had one in a really long time, but I could totally go for a pineapple-strawberry smoothie right now. My throat hurts. I'm not actually sure this should make the list, but I'd be really happy if one magically appeared.

13. My friends...I started to name them, but then realized I'd probably forget someone and they'd no longer be my friend. Although...if they stop being my friend based on a blog omission, I think I question the validity of our friendship! But you know who you are! The friends I've had forever, the ones I talk to all day via email and gchat (thanks gmail!), the new friends I've made over the past few months, the ones who send me postcards from all around the country, the ones who ALWAYS make me crack up laughing, the ones who totally would have my back if I ever get into a giant street get the idea!

I think this list could go on for rather than ramble, I'm going to suggest that each of you go out and tell someone in your life that you're thankful for them being there. If you're reading this, you're either a friend of mine or a random internet stranger who has been stalking either case, I'm thankful for you!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So we all know that aside from AB, my one true love in life is my gym (oh, and my as yet hypothetical puppy). I heart LA Fitness. It's probably because I like LA and I also enjoy fitness. When I have to go out of town, I miss my gym more than I miss my friends (sorry friends...but I can text you while I'm gone--as yet, LA Fitness has refused to respond to any of my text messages.) I miss its laugh...I miss its musk. I miss the purple walls, the clean equipment, and especially the spinning classes, to which I have become officially addicted. I do not, however, miss the trainers.

In short, the trainers at my gym (and likely at any gym) are certified twats. Since it has not been confirmed that any of them are fully literate, I'm going to assume that none of them are reading this blog. But on the off chance that one of them somehow stumbles off of a gay porn site and onto my blog, I'm offering the following has helpful insights to increase their productivity.

1. Your giant muscles do not completely negate the fact that you have bad teeth/acne/an IQ that has dipped into negative numbers. Find a dentist. Have you heard of Proactiv? R-E-A-D something!

2. No matter how many times you try to tell me that investing an additional $80/month is a sound financial move, I do not want to hire you as my personal trainer. Please stop asking. I mean, come on. Play hard to get! By constantly approaching me while I am TRYING to work out, you are just making me want to kick you in the face.

3. Guys need fitness advice too. Even though the gender mix at my gym is probably 50/50, I've never seen a trainer approach a male client and offer some extra fitness advice. Go on--show them how to do it. Grasp their waist ever so gently. Wink at them.

4. The holy grail is not hidden down my shirt. Stop looking.

5. It's evident that in fitness trainer college (wait, what? They don't have that?) you learn how to spread your arms very wide and strut. It looks silly. You kind of look constipated.

6. You might want to talk to your far as I know, most of us shower in water, not cheap cologne. Maybe just give them a call and ask if yours is malfunctioning!

7. If I have my iPod on, am obviously working hard at whatever exercise I'm doing, and absolutely refusing to make direct eye contact with you, it's not necessary to approach me. I'm doing fine, I promise.

8. You can tell me as many times as you want that the key to getting fit is free weights and that cardio is a waste of my time. Really? REALLY? Join me, won't you, for just one spinning class.


Friday, August 14, 2009


I'm a fraud.

As I'm sure you all know (because I assume that your daily well-being hinges on being updated on my happenings), I'm in graduate school right now. I love the program I'm in, and I find myself constantly intellectually stimulated and challenged by my classmates, and I love that. It's swell, and they're honestly really cool people. Earlier this month, I spent two weeks at Goucher College, immersed in an intensive summer writing residency. It was a quirky juxtaposition of terribly draining and wonderfully energizing. It was also two weeks of being surrounded with completely brilliant, inspiring (albeit sometimes exhausting) writers. They love things like music, art, philosophy, big words, theoretical adventures, and asking just one more question at the end of a lecture. In many ways, I identified beautifully with them. In other ways, I did not.

What follows is my confession to my fellow graduate students. Please do not eject me from the program, throw rocks at my car, or smudge my lip gloss.

1. I would much rather read the latest issue of Cosmo than the latest issue of The New Yorker.
You hate me, don't you? But it's true. I am much more interested in giggling over first-time sex bloopers, having my most embarrassing beauty questions answered, or learning more ways to score a 6th consecutive orgasm than reading about Sotomayor's trials, the health-care debate, or a Russian road trip. I'M SORRY. I will be the first to criticize Cosmo's perpetuation of the horrible, mythical female ideology that exists in America. I know it's trash...but I still like to read it.

2. I don't listen to NPR.
Gasp. I don't like it. I've tried. The people have boring voices, and I just can't pay attention to them. I know I'm in the minority, and I'm aware that all self-respecting, liberal, hip people wake up and fall asleep to the sounds of NPR, but I just can't. AB listens to it all morning every weekend. During a lecture at school, one of our professors, Laura, was talking about her love of NPR. Let me explain...this woman is awesome. Laura Wexler is not cool. Cool is Laura Wexler. I digress--she mentioned that her alarm in the morning was set to NPR, so that's what she woke up to. Everyone chucked that "Oh yes, so do I" all-inclusive chuckle. I looked around, certain that I had some kind of heathen mark flashing above me. Stupid NPR.

3. I like listening to Britney Spears.
She's catchy. She's a beautiful disaster. She Did It Again.

4. Harry Potter rules.
He does. The past decade has given us some phenomenal literature. But J.K. Rowling made billions of people care so much about the fate of a fictional little boy that on the day it was released it sold a record-breaking 8.3 million copies. IN ONE DAY. I should know. I was there, with my friends at midnight, costumed in our homemade Harry Potter attire. I will probably read the entire Harry Potter series 10 or more times in my life. I will probably read Angela's Ashes one or two more times...although I love that book. My hypothetical children will be debating the virtue of Severus Snape as they put on their pajamas and settle in for storytime at night.

5. I generally have no idea what I'm doing.
I sometimes try to guess! But the truth is that I just love to write, and I actually feel like I'm pretty good at it (most days.) But as a rule, I'm kind of just bumbling along, trying to meet deadlines and not make a complete literary ass out of myself. Just a girl who sometimes likes to play in bathtubs at parties with her friends.


Thursday, August 6, 2009


Perhaps you have noticed that I haven't posted a new blog in quite some time. I suck, admittedly. In my defense, I've been immersed in an extremely intensive graduate program for the past two weeks, and hopefully will be able to apply some of what I'm learning to making this blog extra fun and awesome.

Or perhaps you haven't even noticed my blogtastic absence, in which case we need to sit down and have a serious discussion about your priorities.

In any case, my amazingly talented friend Christine has generously stepped up to save my online ass, and has written a witty, handy, practical blog that speaks on a multigenerational level. Please look for at least two blogs of my own next week (one about the surprising and beautiful simplicity of living with AB and another that will be a virtual confessional to my grad school colleagues), but until then, what follows is all Christine:

Wardrobe Professionalism: A Brief Guide to Faking It.

You can’t deny it: we’ve all had a shitty morning (or in some cases 5,284 shitty mornings) that we can blame on a number of circumstances such as: staying up too late talking to a friend on the west coast, drinking too much, general insomnia, closing down a gay bar with a karaoke rendition of Baby Got Back, accidentally sleeping with the TV and lights on, the extended release aspect of your Adderall refusing to stop releasing, forgetting to change your BlackBerry to silent mode causing it to violently vibrate on the nightstand when Saks randomly sends a late night email, deciding that listening to Britney Spears and Coldplay repeatedly at 3am is the cure for insomnia, Benadryl, staying up late because you just HAD to watch a rerun of Nancy Grace, taking the red-eye from Vegas and failing to schedule off work the day of your arrival, the alarm forgot to beep… you know the deal.

Ladies, let’s assess the situation: you have 20 minutes to look normal and don’t know where to begin. Here are some simple suggestions that will make these mornings seem less like giant case of armageddon:

• Pretend the Guinness Book of World Records is timing you for the fastest shower record. Everything is easier when you are clean. You cannot go wrong with a ponytail as long as it looks like it’s been brushed, straightened, or attended to with some other kind of minimal grooming… a 1875 watt hair dryer and a bit of product are handy at this stage of the process.
• Invest: You are employed and need to appear professional at your place of employment, so one would assume that you’ve managed to attain a level of responsibility that would involve you participating in some kind investment activity such as stocks, mutual funds… Well forget about that business because we’re focusing solely on looks in this brief guide. Invest in CLOTHING. If you work in an office environment and occasionally need to appear particularly professional, you absolutely must begin stockpiling blouses and dresses by Diane von Furstenberg. I don’t care if you lost every penny you own when the economy crashed or you are simply a shitty poker player. Put money in a piggy bank, wait for a sale at Nordstrom, toss some adult guilt in the direction of your parents so they pay, sell yourself on Craigslist…whatever it takes. Sure Diane von Furstenberg can sometimes be on the expensive end of the blouse industry but it’s worth the money - appropriate, classy, classic, dressy, flattering, consistent, stylish and most importantly easy. Next to your stockpile of Diane Von Furstenberg blouses there should be another stockpile of dressy, knee-length pencil skirts. Essential colors: dark denim (no stitched seams) and black. You need multiples of these colors because they will match every Diane Von Furstenberg blouse you own. Choosing an outfit will now only take 30 seconds of your life and will be successful regardless of your state of consciousness.
• Shoes with high heels are a vital part of this occasion. Bare feet are for pedicures, flip flops are for the beach and plastic is for working the pole at a strip club. These things have nothing to do with your morning so they should also have nothing to do with your choice of footwear. Owning several pair of ‘comfortable’ black heels and ‘comfortable’ fancy heels in fun colors are imperative. The litmus test for comfortability: the ability to run in aforementioned shoes regardless of obstacles including, but not limited to, brick sidewalks, blisters, stairs, etc. These shoes should be stored in an easily accessible area of your closet….now grab a pair and put them on your feet.
• Accessorize: Always keep a pair of earrings and matching bracelet in your purse or desk (or both) and sunglasses in your car. I recommend sunglasses of the large, dark variety. Morning people never forget to accessorize…and now neither will you.
• Side Note: In case you are having a bad morning and you are also completely incompetent, do not forget normal activities such as: brushing your teeth, wearing panties and a bra under your clothes, deodorant, perfume…

In conclusion, practice makes perfect. Practice also makes for numerous late nights and stressful mornings. You can decide whether or not that’s your thing. Now if only you didn’t have 8 minutes to battle traffic in an anxiety-ridden quest to reach an office, it would be the perfect time for a bloody Mary.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


We all know a few. Probably more than a few, actually. Come to think of it, I know for a fact that several of you who are currently reading this are, in fact, bitches yourself. Not only are you bitches, but somewhere deep in the core of your soul, you're proud to be bitches. Maybe you even have little refrigerator magnets to celebrate your bitchiness. Don't worry. I'm not writing this to condemn you. Instead, I am writing this in the hopes of joining your evil legions.

I think my conversion idealism was brought on by a recent ongoing encounter that I've been having with a particular bitch. I'm not going to go into details, but suffice to say that I have been feeling continuously powerless against this person, and it's making me realize that I need to up my bitch quotient. Not to the point where I start terrorizing my friends and family, but to the point where I can better stand up to them when I need to.

I feel like I need some kind of a plan. Otherwise, my increasing frustration is going to erupt like a McDonald's employee's face. It's already started to happen...I was listening to a heated conversation between my mom and my aunt, and I apparently decided I needed to involve myself. I calmly began to lay out my points (which, I may add, were quite valid) and my aunt (who is the sweetest woman on the planet) kept interrupting me with "Now, Sara, no..." and finally I just turned and shrieked at her, "STOP INTERRUPTING ME! You're not allowed to just interrupt me!"


Unsure about how to proceed following my outburst, I simply stomped back to the couch and pretended to fall asleep. But...the lesson? About ten minutes later, she came over to me, hugged me, and apologized for interrupting me. You see? Bitches might be bitchy, but people don't mess with them. In fact, once someone has developed a reputation for bitchiness, people go out of their way to avoid upsetting them. No one goes out of their way to avoid upsetting nice people! They're too nice!

I've developed a preliminary do and don't list for embarking on the bitch train. I welcome suggestions.

1. Snap at people occasionally for minor offenses. This will let them know that you will not put up with their more serious offenses.
2. Be hypersensitive to the way you are being treated. Do you feel like an injustice has occured? It probably has. You should probably yell about it.
3. Stomp. A lot.
4. Be extraordinarily nice to people sometimes. Make them love you enough that they want to keep you around despite your newfound bitchiness. Buy gifts for people.

1. Slap a ho. While funny, this is apparently a good way to land yourself in jail.
2. Tell people you're a bitch. SHOW THEM.
3. Purchase any kind of glitter graphic t-shirt proclaiming that you are a bitch.
4. Hit below the belt. You probably can come up with lots of mean things to say to people. Don't say them. You don't need to be mean to be a bitch.
5. Go overboard. Your tantrums need to be well-timed and properly executed. Doing it too much will take away some of the power.

Monday, June 15, 2009


So, I did it. I am currently successfully cohabitating with AB. We moved just over two weeks ago, and thus far, no one has suffered any extreme injury/death/medical malady because of this new phenomenon. In fact, it's kind of awesome. Also, our house is f-ing AMAZING. It's huge. I mean seriously...huge. The pictures I'm putting here don't even begin to do it justice. It's all giant and beautiful and I'm completely in love with it and basically never want to go anywhere. I just want to stay home and make sweet sweet love to our new house. Anyway...I have received TONS of questions about the new place/living situation from my public, so I have selected some of the most common ones to use here for a brief Q&A regarding the new house. If it would make things more authentic, please envision me in a hot little black dress from BCBG with bright turquoise heels, sitting on Conan's couch, sipping out of a coffee mug that is actually filled with 1% Organic Chocolate milk.

Q: Sara, first of all, congratulations on your awesome hair. But secondarily, I recall that you've never lived with anyone before. How are you holding up?
A: Oh, thanks for asking. Yes, my hair rocks. But I actually kind of love it. I think that's probably because I love HIM. I still maintain that I would hate having 99.996% of the population as a roommate. People are exhausting. But it's fun having him there. It's weird getting used to someone else always being around, but it's enjoyable. Also, he goes to Central Market on weekends and gets fresh fruit and makes me fruit salad.

Q: What is your favorite part about your new house?
A: Probably my bedroom. If you haven't seen it, you should make a point to visit. But call first.

Q: I haven't seen the place yet! When can I do that?
A: Well, our housewarming party is coming up in July. However, if you're not very cool, you're not going to be invited. You'll have to schedule a different viewing of the house.

Q: Does AB love living with you?
A: What a retarded question. Duh.

Q: Exactly how big IS this castle of a townhouse?
A: F-ing HUGE, to be precise. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms (one with a Jacuzzi tub), living room, kitchen, dining area, study, garage, laundry room, basement...seriously. F-ing huge.

That's just about all the time I have for questions at this time...but if you have any others, feel free to leave them as comments OR to send them to me via e-mail.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Here's a fun new game for everyone to play. You know how you go to a party, you've had your fun, and you're ready to leave? You start making the rounds of goodbyes, which are inevitably treacherous. "What? You're leaving? Don't leave!" or "Wait, no, you have to just stay until some very exciting and extraordinary event happens," or "Ok, but let me drunkenly hug you and profess my undying love and eternal devotion to our friendship that began when we met earlier tonight and discovered our mutual obsession with Lost." It's awful. Once you've waded through the murky swamp of saying goodbye to other guests, you finally have to say goodbye to the hosts. Think level 8 of Super Mario Brothers (the original, puh-lease) when Mario finally makes his way through the flying fish, the labyrinth, the flame throwing monkey, and finally comes face to face with Bowser. The hosts never want you to leave. I think they're afraid that your departure will start a trickle effect, and soon their party will be empty and lame. And to be honest, it probably will be once you leave. You're kind of a big deal.

Anyway, by the time you actually get OUT of there, it's 45 minutes past the time when you originally wanted to leave. And I find that annoying. So, for the past year or so, I've adopted a new MO. I just leave. I don't say goodbye to anyone, I don't make eye contact on the way out the door. I just wait for the moment when I can stealthily sneak out the door, and I bolt. I know this sounds easy, but trust me--it takes a certain level of planning and skill. I feel a little bit like James Bond. So, as a public service, I've decided to provide all of you with the skills you'll need to make your great escape.

1. You need to pay attention to your instinct. Once you feel like you no longer want to be there, don't wait. Start your escape plan immediately. You have approximately 30 minutes from this initial spark to make your move.
2. It is VERY important that no one senses that you are about to leave. Up until the very second that you fly out of there, you need to make lively conversation, laugh, continue eating the food, etc. In fact, you should even make plans with someone for later in the party. Like, "Oh my gosh, wait until Jane gets wasted, I'll show you the funniest thing that she does!" Magicians call this misdirection.
3. While you're misdirecting the other guests, you need to prep for your departure. If you have a coat somewhere, this can be tricky. If you've come with someone, you need to decide if they are coming with you or if you're just going to chalk them up to a party casualty. Planning is essential.
4. Pretending to be drunk can also work. Some of us have a tendency to wander off when intoxicated, thereby ensuring that at least initially, no one will notice your absence. They'll just assume you've wandered.
5. Once you're ready to go...just GO. Don't wait. Make a quick, direct, clear line for the exit. Do not make eye contact with other guests. Do not appear suspicious. Just go.
6. If someone catches you, chances are, you're screwed. However, with careful planning, not all is lost. Have a repertoire of excuses ready. Do not pause when spitting one of these out. It can NOT be lame. Don't say that you're tired or that you have to work early. No one cares. If you're busted and you're going to lie, at least make it creative and a good one. Something involving an explosion or an epidemic might be good. You can also simply state that you're running to your car for something or that you're looking for someone else. Do not back down and return to the party.
7. Chances are, no one will really notice that you've left. This is why I do this. If you say goodbye to everyone, then you've made quite the spectacle. This way, the party goes on flawlessly. You're really doing everyone a favor. The next day, make sure to have it known what a great time you had.

Try it. Don't mess it up. And let me know how it goes. Most importantly, don't be offended if at your next party I'm suddenly missing. It is not a reflection on you, your party, or anything other than my short attention span.


Monday, April 27, 2009


Alright, I love summer as much as the next girl--possibly even MORE than the next girl, depending on who that girl is. However, as soon the temperature starts to creep up, so do the hems on people's pants. I am, of course, referring to The Arrival of the Shorts.

Shorts can be really cute. SOMETIMES. They can also be the most horrific sight one is likely to encounter on a hot summer day. On principle, I very rarely wear shorts. I have no qualms about wearing very short skirts. Those are usually adorable. But there is a thin line between "Those are cute!" Shorts and "What in God's name was she THINKING!?" Shorts. I do not wish to tread that line.

Already this year, I have been the visual victim of many shorts infractions. Seriously, I feel like my eyes have been raped. So, for the good of all humanity, I have compiled what is surely only a partial list of rules for wearing shorts. Please pay it heed...and if you're reading one of these and thinking to yourself, "But I look GOOD when I do that," I fear I am too late to help you. You have fallen victim to the Shorts Epidemic.

How Not to Be a Shorts Rapist:
by Sara

1. At the gym, there are two girls. They always work out together, they have matching side ponytails, and are somewhere between eleven and thirteen years old. They're cute. They are also CHILDREN. But every day, they both come in wearing "shorts" that would more accurately be defined as boy-cut underwear. They're tight, tiny, colorful little one-inch pieces of cloth that do not even cover their entire butts. Seriously. There is cheekage. This is not ok, no matter how cute, tan, young, old, thin, muscular, or exhibitionistic you might be. This could probably be more beneficial in a "How to Get Gang Banged in the Parking Lot of the Gym" list.

2. This is designed specifically for the gentlemen. I know that Umbros are cool. Or at least, they WERE cool in 1993. However, if you opt to wear them (or shorts with any other silkish material) please, please PLEASE wear underwear. Why? Because we can see your junk. Every little wrinkle, every little vein. And while everyone enjoys an unexpected penis sighting, this is not going to do wonders for your popularity. Additionally, if you are wearing swim trunks as shorts, and thereby not wearing underwear, please do not sit with your legs spread. Your little soldier will try to escape, and unbeknownst to you, dangle out the side.

3. The 80's, tragically, have ended. If the button on your shorts is anywhere over your bellybutton, please remove them from your list of possessions. Even if you have the behind of an Ass God/Goddess, you'll get Mom Butt. You know what I mean.

4. So you've avoided all of the above pitfalls. You ran out to your favorite trendy little store, and purchased a perfectly acceptable pair of shorts. You rush home, slide them on, lay down on your bed to snap them shut, and start to strut your "I have hot shorts" strut down the street. If the insides of the shorts keep rising between your thighs, so that there is an upside down letter V of shorts material pointing directly at your crotch...go back and get a bigger size. Seriously. No one will know.

5. Finally, this is one I learned last year, the hard way, when I was determined that a pair of cute white shorts from Banana Republic would be JUST what I needed to complete my summer wardrobe. If you are REALLY pale...white shorts are not ok for you. Your porcelain goddess skin will not be admired and appreciated. It will be mocked. As a side note, I never did purchase them...I just stared longingly at them from afar.

You're welcome.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Every year, around September, my senses awaken. I feel a quickening of my pulse, a tingling in my toes. Suddenly, colors are brighter, flowers bloom more beautifully, and there is music in the air. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. The beginning of candy corn season. One day, just when you'd almost forgotten about this delectable taste bud adventure, you're wandering the aisles of your local grocery store, and there it is. Bags upon bags of orgasmic sugary delight.

Yes. This is a blog about candy corn. If you've got beef with that, then you've got beef with me, and I'll meet you by the bike rack after school with my fists and some brass knuckles.

The problem with the corn? Once Halloween is over, it disappears! No more candy pumpkins. No more yellow and orange happiness. It's like when you're seven, and the day after Christmas finally look around amidst the boxes and ribbons and new toys...the day you've waited for ALL YEAR has finally come and gone, and you stare blankly at the destruction in your living room, and you just have to ask yourself, "What the fuck?" It's disheartening.

And so I spend the rest of the year in a state of despair. Sure, there are other things to keep my mouth happy...actually, let's not go into that. But it's just not the same.

However, this year, in February, I was at the store picking up some groceries, when I meandered into the horrifically red section, identifying the Valentine's Day candy. I think I could sense it before I saw it--a round tin full of red and pink candy corn. Naturally my first instinct was to grab all that I could carry and rush out of the store. I contained myself. I bought like 2 containers.

So once I realized that other holidays are breaking into the candy corn monopoly, I've obviously spent the past two months trying to find Easter candy corn. Just when I'd given up hope, AB and I were at Giant, and there it was. Bags upon bags of beautiful pastel heaven. I obviously bought it, but I had to give the bag to AB to monitor my candy corn consumption...I'm a little bit like Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I'd just keep eating more, and I would not look attractive as a giant, triangular piece of sugar. I swear to God, if I could stick a tuxedo and top hat on a piece of candy corn, I'd be tempted to marry it.

I was so excited about my find that I had to start a conversation about it at a party this weekend. I brought some into work. I think I've told everyone I've seen about the Easter candy corn. My co-workers came in this morning to sample it, and we've concluded that it tastes creamier and softer than regular candy corn. We think it's because pink, purple, and yellow are creamier colors.

But now I'm panic-stricken. What holiday could possibly be coming up where they'll make more candy corn?? The Fourth of July? I mean, I'd eat it, but I think red, white, and blue candy corn would just be silly.

I clearly have a problem. Please do not encourage this obsession in any way.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Ok, you all know the show 7th Heaven, right? You've definitely seen it. Reverend Camden with his bitchwife Annie and their passel of children, pets, and random stragglers who are invited into their home and indoctrinated with important family values and lessons?

I hate this show. I hate every single one of the characters. If it was possible to have negative respect for something, that is the amount of respect I have for the writing, acting, plot lines, and character development. AB and I tried to discuss who we hated the most on that show, but the conversation just lapsed into stunned silence, because it's an impossible question. It would be like trying to count to infinity (although I hear Chuck Norris counted to infinity--twice.) I asked him if he was forced to blow up one of the Camdens who he would choose, and he just shook his head in befuddlement and said, "Can't...too many." I think though, if I really had to, I could narrow it down to Lucy or Ruthie. I just stare at my television screen and can feel liquid hatred fill my eyes.

None of that is very interesting. We all have television shows that we hate. But the trick is that I can NOT stop watching this show. In fact, I seek it out! When I go home over lunch, I immediately turn to the Hallmark channel (which is just bullshit in and of itself...they make cards, not television shows) and know that I will see a gruesome explosion of hugs, bad acting, and important morals. And I do it. Every single day. And then I drive back to work, singing the theme song and marvelling at the atrocity.

Do you think this is what heroin addicts feel like? And if you were to choose a Camden to throw into a river full of snapping alligators and electric eels, who would you choose?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Before reading the rest of this blog, please take the next two minutes and fifty-four seconds to view the following extremely relevant and important video.

Ok seriously, who doesn't want to go to Planet Unicorn? I mean HONESTLY! My favorite unicorn is Cadillac. He has a bouffant, but his little unicorn horn pokes out just enough to be stylish yet subtle.

I would like to teach a college course entitled The Existential and Spiritual Dilemma of Planet Unicorn: A Colloquium. There are six installments of this series, and there are fifteen weeks in a semester. My only fear would be that there is just too much material to really do it justice. But I would try. To give you a sampling of what my course might look like, I've created a mock syllabus for the first few weeks. Naturally, since you haven't seen the other five episodes, (which I really encourage you to watch as soon as you possibly can) this mockabus (mock syllabus, duh) only covers the portion of the class that would be devoted to episode one.

I'm going to assume that my class meets thrice per week.

Assignment One: Relate Shannon, the eight year old gay boy, to the Classic Hero Structure that can be applied to all literature. Why did he wish for a fur jacket? What does that represent? What struggles inherently lie within Shannon that are evidenced by his desire for a flying car? Spiritually, where will this car take him?

Assignment Two: Ambrosia. Feathers, Cadillac, and Tom Cruise are intially seen eating ambrosia salad. Ambrosia (as you obviously know) is classically the food/drink of the gods. Is this foreshadowing? Describe the ethnocentricity revealed by the lack of cherries in Feathers' salad compared to the abundance of cherries in Cadillac's salad.

Assignment Three:
The unicorns have a strong desire to nap and cuddle. However, once napping they dream the same dream of Shannon, the gay boy who wished them into existence. Find two partners, and nap and cuddle for the rest of this class period. Try to dream the same dream.

Assignment Four:
Using paper mache, pipe cleaners, glitter glue, and plastic fruit to construct a model representing Unicorn Falls and what you learned about pouring brown paint into pink waterfalls.

I need to take this to my Director of Academic Affairs.


Monday, March 30, 2009


Breaking news. AB and I are moving in together. If you aren't already in possession of this information, and if you know me at all, I'm going to go ahead and give you some time to pick your jaw up off of the floor and collect yourself.

(you could also use this time to grab a snack or ponder a mystery of why it's acceptable to wear jeans with anything. Jeans are BLUE, and the color blue does not match everything.)

Ok, I'm going to assume that we're all good now. So yes. We're moving in together. We found the most adorable townhouse in Hellam. It has three bedrooms (including a master bedroom with vaulted ceilings, a ceiling fan, and a huge walk-in closet, which was kind of prerequisite for me) two and a half bathrooms (one of which has a jacuzzi tub) a living room (with a remote-controlled fireplace) big open kitchen, deck, finished basement, washer and's completely awesome. My little OCD-crazed brain is already whipping out lists of things to buy and ways to decorate, and we don't even move in until June 1.

I've been living by myself for the past 5 years. Prior to that, any attempt I have made to cohabitate with anyone has been a catastrophe the likes of Mariah Carey attempting to act. So I have my concerns. AB, luckily, is one of the most laid-back people I've ever met, and seems completely prepared to handle the fact that I'm probably going to panic and lose my mind over this at least twice before we actually move. But in order to catch any of that before it happens, I have decided to track some of the thoughts I'm having about the whole situation!

Thoughts I'm having and general philosophical meanderings:

1. AB and I already spend just about every night together. On the days that we don't see each other, I miss him. In every single other relationship I've ever had, we either didn't see each other nearly that often, or if we did I was so happy and relieved to be left alone...or in the case of my last relationship, it was both!

2. We have now gone away together twice...once to the beach in Ocean City, and just last week to Florida for 5 days. Both times we've been together continuously for several straight days, and I didn't get annoyed with him. I have only ever had one or two FRIENDS even that I don't get annoyed with after a few days.

3. Norman Bates is completely correct that we all go a little mad sometimes. He was NOT correct in dressing up like his mother and killing people in showers. I digress. But I've gotten very used to having my own space and my own ways of dealing with things when I go a little crazy. However, AB has thus far done a very good job of handling me when that happens.

4. I will dance around in my underwear at least once a week. AB assures me this will actually NOT be an issue, and has encouraged me to do this even more.

5. We have yet to have a fight of any kind. On one hand, living together might make our first fight tricky because we're kind of stuck together then. On the other hand, it might be a good experiment and force us to work it out.

6. One of my most favorite things about AB is the fact that he talks. Like, we talk all the time about pretty much everything, and I feel like we're on the same page about things.

7. I have spent the past five years making my current townhouse as "mine" as I can. When people walk in, they're usually like, "This place is SO Sara." I fully approve of AB's decorative tastes based on his current apartment, but I'm worried I'm going to have a hard time compromising on that.

By the way, if any of you reading this would like to make yourself available to help me move that weekend, please know that I will provide you with beverages, snacks, and positive verbal reinforcement. Moving blows. That's why I haven't done it in awhile. But I'm super excited!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This just in: suddenly (or not really suddenly at all, actually) I am about six months shy of my 29th birthday. That birthday marks my last year as a twenty-something! I'm not going to panic about this, (although I did find a wrinkle about a year ago, which I convinced myself was an optical illusion but is somehow STILL THERE) because I've heard from numerous reliable sources that it's way more fun to be in your thirties than it is to be in your twenties. Also, all empirical evidence that I have gathered supports this. Life IS getting better the older I get. I have more money, I can do more things and go more places, I have the most awesome boyfriend (AB) ever, I have a stable job, I'm in graduate school...things are good.

A little while ago, I stumbled across a journal I used to keep in college. This journal was less of a "Dear Diary" secret keeper and more of a place for me to write down random thoughts I had, interesting things people said, and to make lists because list-making ranks pretty high in the "I'm a Closet Geek for Loving This" Olympics. It's right up there with Star Wars, crossword puzzles, Harry Potter, and cleaning my house. For instance, in college when I was in a completely lovesick state over a boy (who had beautiful brown eyes but was otherwise utter rubbish) I decided to write a list of 100 things that I loved about life that did NOT involve him. It reminded me that as much as my heart (and other, more inappropriate areas) fluttered when I saw him, the sun did not actually rise and fall based on his whereabouts.

So in said journal, I also stumbled across a list of things that I wanted to accomplish before I turned 30. At the time, apparently 30 seemed like it was REALLY far away, and I also apparently thought I'd have limitless resources and time in which to accomplish these things. I would now like to update you all (because you clearly are intensely interested) on the status of these goals.

Live in London
I think I'm going to need to accept that this just isn't going to happen, nor do I really think it's a good idea. London is far away. And I don't know for sure that they show Lost there.
Be in a movie
Unless home videos count, I'm no closer to this one either. As of now, I decree that home videos DO count, unless anyone reading this wants to toss me in a movie.
Go skydiving
If I am to believe AB, we are totally doing this, even though he has a huge fear of the skydiving instructor getting a boner while catapulting through the air, thus rendering his skydiving experience tainted and horrifying. I, on the other hand, would be endlessly amused if his skydiving instructor got a boner.
Write the next great American novel
Hm. I'm midway through two of them. Really, all I need to do is slap "The End" on one of them. I'll call it a mysterious, artistic choice.
Go on a shopping spree in NYC
If I want to do this in style, I'm going to need my own fun and flirty soundtrack. So until I find a small symphony to go to the city, I'm out of luck. However, I guess the word "spree" is up for interpretation. I've definitely gone to NYC and spent way more money than I was supposed to.
Live in NYC
Clearly as a college student I thought I was going to be much more metropolitan and nomadic than I actually am. I was offered a job in NYC last year and turned it down. I'm totally counting that.
Go on a cruise
I was SO close! I think this is still within reach. AB knows many things about cruises. I'm either relying on him or getting a job as a call girl who specializes in cruise captains.
Go to grad school
HA! Done.
Take a cooking class
I have no idea why I thought this was a good idea.
Buy something from Tiffany's
Done. I rule.
Go to Greece
Greece seemed very chic at the time. I do however, have plans to go to Ireland with AB for our 30th birthdays.
Learn another language
Thanks to two boys I've met in the past few years, I've learned how to speak Asshole pretty well. Otherwise, I should probably get to work on this little project.
Learn how to crochet/knit
Alright, I have tried this. My hands just will not cooperate. Too many loops and there's yarn, which is just complicated.
Learn a martial art
Oh, I had forgotten about this. It goes along with my desire to be even more of a badass than I already am. This is so possible.
Perform on Broadway
Well, no.
Be on The Price is Right
I consider this goal null and void now that Bob Barker is no longer hosting this show. I mean honestly, Drew Carey? What fun is Plinko with that man? I bet he doesn't even care if you get your pets spayed or neutered.
Ride in a hot air balloon
Franny and I had tickets to do this last year. I believe the weather got in the way. We should probably try that again.
Learn how to drive stick shift
Still a good idea. I don't know for sure why I was so determined to do this, but I do think it's wise. Again, I think driving stick would really increase my badass quotient.
Kiss a stranger would appear that in my despair over not being able to accomplish all of my goals, I decided to accomplish this one hundreds and hundreds of time to make up for it.

Soooo, it looks like I have a really busy year and a half ahead of me. And that's not even counting all the new stuff I've thought of that I want to accomplish in the next few years! I wonder why I had to go and be all lofty and ambitious, and couldn't have listed anything practical (like buying a fun new car.) Although "practical" isn't usually in the grab bag of adjectives that describes me, now is it?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Wow. I have not blogged in a LONG time. I fear that any small readership I may have accumulated will have completely disappeared. Somehow I'm going to have to internet-whore myself out again. Damn. Anyway, I have reasonable excuses to justify my blogging absence. First of all, I've been quite enfolded in a torrid love affair with my Awesome Boyfriend (henceforth referred to as AB). Additionally, I've been swamped with work for grad school (I vaguely recall having made some absurd plan to not procrastinate...what rubbish), I have a huge job interview today, I have a new show opening this weekend and have been attempting to learn lines for that. Ok wait, in the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that the last part is a lie. I do have a new show opening on Saturday, but I have yet to even LOOK at my lines. But still. I've been busy!

So I have many things to blog about, not the least of which being a fantastical, magical trip to a mythical land called Atlantic City with AB last weekend, but that's going to have to wait. Maybe tomorrow. For now, I need to share with you the Valentine's Day Ultimate Fighting Championship-worthy brawl that AB and I had ringside seats for on Saturday.

We decided to take in the Fulton's production of Agatha Christie's An Unexpected Guest on Valentine's Day. We were sitting in the first row of the mezzanine, and approximately six seats down from us was a lovely, distinguished couple. The man was big, white, and had a long ponytail, some kind of haphazard facial hair statement, a "sweater" relic circa 1984, and ultratight jeans. The woman was African-American, wearing a halter dress that was falling off of her, and could barely keep her head out of her lap. Throughout the first act, they proceeded to yell to each other (and the actors on stage), take pictures with their cell phones, and engage in all kinds of other extremely loud shenanigans. The people surrounding us became more and more disgruntled, and starting shuffling in their seats like yuppie people do when they're disgruntled but don't know how to deal with it. I was getting a kick out of it though, honestly. It was like I was getting two shows for the price of one. At one point, AB leaned over and whispered, "I have absolutely no idea what's going on in this play because what's going on over there is so much more entertaining."

An educated guess would be that these two patrons were flying like paper and getting high like planes. Intermission came. Apparently (this has not been confirmed, and none of us heard anything like this) another gentleman came up to the couple and said something to the effect of, "You need to keep your monkey quiet." Suddenly, Ponytail Man started screaming, "F*ck you, you c*cksucker, I'm going to f*cking kill you!" Please be reminded that we were at the Fulton Opera House. It was like in old movies where there's a record playing, and it screeches to a halt. Everyone just stood in their seats, mouths agape. Ponytail man rushed after this man, jumped on top of him, and started beating the living bejeezus out of him. I don't know what bejeezus is, but it is not something I would like to have beaten out of me. I'd like to keep my bejeezus, thanks. Several other men rushed into the brawl (AB included, because he's big and strong...duh) and pulled Ponytail Man off of the insulter. Ponytail Man then fell down the stairs, still screaming death threats and other incoherent nonsense.

AB and I decided that we'd rather finish our evening by going out drinking than sitting through the second half of the play. The play was mind bogglingly inane, by the way. The only fun part would be to try to come up with other, dirtier things to refer to as "the unexpected guest." I'll let you use your imagination.

Observations and Lessons Learned:
1. Racial slurs are not funny or acceptable, but coked out crazy people are both funny AND acceptable.
2. Only go see boring plays if you think there might be a fight. If you don't see one brewing, it is a good idea to start one.
3. The cure for any kind of drama is a martini.
4. People should only try to do Irish accents (or accents of any kind) on stage (or elsewhere, really) if they are positive that they know how to do said accent.


Friday, January 30, 2009


So Wednesday was a snow day. One of the oh-so-lovely perks of working for a college is that every so often, we get a pinch of snow, people lose their minds, and the campus closes down. Wednesday was one of those days.

I was very content for most of the day. I went to the gym, did some good solid sleeping, went to the mall...but by around 6:00 p.m. I found myself bored completely senseless. I realized quickly that I was in a crisis situation. Lost didn't start until I had three hours in which to occupy my ever wandering brain. The first hour found me donning a bright green mint julep mud mask, wearing frilly new underwear, a matching bra, red high heels, and putting on a Madonna concert for...well, potentially my neighbors. I prefer to think that it was only for my stuffed dog, Bagel. Also, being incredibly vain and incredibly bored, I snapped some pictures of this. They are not posted here.

I exhausted myself pretty quickly, and decided on a whim that what I really needed to make my life whole and complete would be a goldfish. So I put on clothes (although my previous attire might have been more entertaining) and went to the store and returned an hour later (and minus $60--goldfish/goldfish accessories are apparently expensive) with a little aquarium, some decorations, distilled water, and the two most adorable little fishies you can possibly imagine! In fact, you don't have to imagine them, because I'm including pictures. Their names are Titania and Oberon. Bonus points for you if you can catch that reference. Oh. I also bought Valentine's Day candy corn, because candy corn makes my mouth quiver with happiness.

So the moral of this story is that I love my fish! Their Auntie Christine wants to buy them teeny tiny little Gucci sunglasses so that maybe they'll be more photogenic. Also, it turns out that my facebook friends are more interested in my goldfish acquisition than just about anything else in my life.

The end.

"Sara, I want to go out, meet lots of boys, make out with many of them, have them tell me how beautiful and wonderful I am, make them want me, and then have them put their penis inside of me because that is the best way to show me just how much they want me."
~An entirely unrelated/incredibly amusing quote of the day by Franny.

I love my friends. I need to start quoting them more often.

Monday, January 26, 2009


So...I heart NY as much as the next girl. I've made lots of bold proclamations about how much I want to live there, and how I feel like I'd thrive culturally and creatively in such a diverse and wonderful place. I got to spend the weekend there for school this weekend, and got to spend my days in a corner conference room of the Flatiron Building (so cool,) and also got to learn some rough lessons at New York's School of Hard Knocks...for Sara.

How NYC Schooled Me Like a 3rd Grade Bitch
1. NY is expensive. Everyone knows's like the most expensive place in the country. However, I've learned over the past few years that I kind of LIKE the financial stability and comfort I've been able to create for myself. I spent the weekend worrying about money, and I hate worrying about money. I hate worrying about anything. Worry is lame. But I blew approximately $120 in transportation, food, tolls, etc. and have NOTHING to show for it. Do you know how many Dior Diorshow Blackout mascaras I could have gotten for that? You probably don't. It's 4.
2. Walking 20 blocks in 10 degree weather might be common practice for New Yorkers, but I don't like it. My face froze. When I finally got to where my friends were, I was NOT a happy camper. See attached picture. Before my fingertips and vocal chords froze to the point of nonuse, I called my mother, screeching "I hate New York!" I don't. But still.
3. Tara Herweg is a master of cartography the likes of which this world has never seen. She's a genius. However, even with her amazing directions (that I clutched in my hand like Lindsay Lohan clutches at her career) I discovered that I hate the subway. I hate the bus. There are many letters (R Train, L Train...) and many numbers (and we all know that I disagree with numbers on principle) and it smells bad, and people stare at you, I have to stand up a lot, I have to pay attention to things (I'm terrible at paying attention) and it still takes you like an hour to get from Queens to Manhattan. I've obviously used the subway before, but not as much as this weekend.
4. So I go to NY a lot. I would guesstimate that I've been there upwards of 100 times...because in college I thought that a credit card meant that I could afford anything, so I went like once or twice a month. But I go to MANHATTAN a lot. The borough is sort of frightening.
5. I actually did learn a lot at school. They were long days, but we made good use of our time. Just wanted to throw that in. I also learned, having nothing to do with NY, that I am going to have figure out a better system of time management than the one I used last semester. I have 50 pages of original work to write toward my thesis, a 20 page craft paper to research and write, 6 critical essays to do, and approximately 12 books to read this semester. Waiting until the night before they're due and then giving myself a near stroke trying to finish them just won't do!

In short, I obviously still think NYC is amazing. There is no place on earth that can feed your artistic hunger like New York. However...the New York I love is the one where I get to be the Princess of Manhattan, can afford to take a cab everywhere, live in a posh Upper East Side apartment with a doorman, go see Broadway shows every weekend, shop at Neiman Marcus in order to acquire the cutest outfit in which to prace about the newest club openings, and actually get to experience the city. In short, I learned that I'm a spoiled brat and that I'm kind of ok with that.

Oh. And I love Dave, even if he can't take a self portrait picture to save his life. And Tara, who is just awesome.

p.s. Go see Slumdog Millionaire. Immediately. I'm so serious, it's an astonishing film. And I don't astonish easily.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I just have one thing to say. And because I'm not entirely sure who all reads this blog, I feel like I need to be cryptic and slightly vague so as not to be offensive or vulgar!

So I love starfish, and not JUST because of the reason you think! They're beautiful little creatures, and there's a really good story about them. I'm going to include that at the end of this little blogular adventure. ANYWAY. Starfish rule. My point? It turns out that there are some things that rule even more than starfish. I'm just saying. It's an astounding and shocking discovery every single time!

The Starfish story, which is completely and utterly unrelated to this blog, but is inextricably linked to many of my personal philosophies:

A well known author and poet was working and vacationing on the southern coast of Spain. One early morning, he was walking along the beach - the sun was rising, the rain had ended, the rainbows were magnificent, the sea was calm. While enjoying the beauty around him, he glanced down the beach and saw a lone figure dancing about. Fascinated by this person celebrating the new day, he moved closer. As he drew nearer, he realized that the person was not dancing, but in one graceful motion was picking up objects from the beach and tossing them into the sea. He approached the young man and saw the objects were starfish. "Why in the world are you throwing starfish into the water?" "If the starfish stay on the beach, when the tide goes out and the sun rises higher, they will die," replied the young man as he continued tossing them out to sea. "That's ridiculous! There are thousands of miles of beach and millions of starfish. You can't really believe that what you are doing can possibly make a difference!" The young man picked up another starfish, and tossing it into the waves, said, "It makes a difference to this one."

Friday, January 9, 2009


Welcome 2009! Lovely to see you! 2008 was kind of a giant cunt (yes...I said it...I said cunt in my blog. There's no going back from here...) and so far you look absolutely breathtaking...have you had some work done?

I've decided that 2009 needs to be The Year of Change. It NEEDS to be. I really don't have a choice. I do an excellent job at treading water (I know that's a metaphor, but I really do tread water well...when I was teaching swimming lessons, I'd have to tread water AND hold large children afloat for about 2.5 hours a night) but that won't cut it anymore. I spend so much time worrying about my life, my future, if I'm making the right choices that I become almost paralyzed by indecision. I get so worried about making wrong choices that I fail to make any. And that's not the kind of person I want to be.

And so the following is a list. Because those of you who know me know that I live and die by lists. At any given moment I have approximately 294857392 lists somewhere in my house or office. However, what I am about to write are not resolutions...more like gentle nudges, reminders, and suggestions for when I start to falter a bit. This might get to be a long blog. Now would be a great time to grab a snack. Or an adult beverage. I recommend Swedish Fish and Ketel One + pineapple. Mmmm...

1. Health. So 2008 was the year of the near-death medical malady. And while most of what happened was completely out of my control, there are some things that I need to get UNDER control in order to ensure that I stay relatively healthy this year. We don't need to go into detail. But if I intend on making anything happen this year, I can't keep doing what I'm doing.
2. I started grad school this year, which was a great decision. However, I have become the Princess of Procrastination since then, which is not good. I wait until the last possible moment to get things done, and then make myself crazy for a few days, and then I don't think about it again until my next deadline. If I'm serious about writing, which I am...I need to focus better on it. My manuscript really needs to take some kind of shape over the next year if I ever want to get anything done with it.
3. Ironically, one of my co-workers came in this morning, and we were talking about our jobs. She said to me, "You're just meant for so much MORE than don't want to get stuck here." It's true. I need to find some balance between safety (because realistically now is not the time economically to be jumping ship into some unstable job market) and happiness. I think a lot of times we don't know what's going to make us happy until we find it...but I need to pay more attention to those signs. I think school is going to help a lot with that. But in the meantime, I need to make some kind of a change.
4. I love my friends. I need to remember to tell and show them how much I appreciate and love them. The same thing goes for my family.
5. My brain is a little jumbled right now. Most of it is just because I've let it get to the point where I worry all day about absolutely everything. I've become much more critical, and that's not like me. This is probably the most important thing I need to do this year...organize my silly little brain! I need to not worry so much about what could or might happen, and focus more on all the great things that ARE happening. My heart is actually a really smart little organ. I should try to trust her more.

I think that's about it! I'm sure there's more I can do, and the biggest part of it is to not be afraid of change. Change is good, it's necessary, and wonderful things happen because of it. I blogged about that before! And 2008...I apologize for calling you a cunt earlier. I learned a lot of things from you, and those are lessons I'll be able to keep for many years. Until I wake up one morning 70 years from now suffering from dementia and can't remember where my own toes are...but until then, thanks. I'll be blogging tomorrow (or the next day) about the things I learned I think. That ought to be enlightening. And some nice things happened in 2008...nothing's ever all bad.

Fun pictures, right? I had a rockin' New Year's Eve. Like Dick Clark style but BETTER.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I keep meaning to publish a post having to do with 2009, my resoultions, the awesome New Year's Eve I know. The standard "Suck it 2008/How YOU doin 2009" blog post that people need to do. However, when presented with the task of actually WRITING said blog post, I feel all kinds of pressure (from myself and my own crazy head) to make it perfect. Like somehow this blog has taken the form of two stone tablets on Mount Sinai, and if I post a resolution here and break it I might be cast into hell forever. Soooo...that'll happen eventually!

Meanwhile, feast your juicy little eyeballs on THESE videos. I'm a big supporter of Dove in general, and these videos speak volumes. So if you're wandering aimlessly around the store and trying to decide between Dove and Secret deodorant, or Dove and Caress body wash (I prefer Victoria's Secret for that, but whatever) perhaps these might encourage you to purchase from a company that's trying to change things up a little bit in our media...before too many little girls become victims, and we lose an entire generation to eating disorders, plastic surgery, masochism, pain, and "perfection."