Friday, January 30, 2009


So Wednesday was a snow day. One of the oh-so-lovely perks of working for a college is that every so often, we get a pinch of snow, people lose their minds, and the campus closes down. Wednesday was one of those days.

I was very content for most of the day. I went to the gym, did some good solid sleeping, went to the mall...but by around 6:00 p.m. I found myself bored completely senseless. I realized quickly that I was in a crisis situation. Lost didn't start until I had three hours in which to occupy my ever wandering brain. The first hour found me donning a bright green mint julep mud mask, wearing frilly new underwear, a matching bra, red high heels, and putting on a Madonna concert for...well, potentially my neighbors. I prefer to think that it was only for my stuffed dog, Bagel. Also, being incredibly vain and incredibly bored, I snapped some pictures of this. They are not posted here.

I exhausted myself pretty quickly, and decided on a whim that what I really needed to make my life whole and complete would be a goldfish. So I put on clothes (although my previous attire might have been more entertaining) and went to the store and returned an hour later (and minus $60--goldfish/goldfish accessories are apparently expensive) with a little aquarium, some decorations, distilled water, and the two most adorable little fishies you can possibly imagine! In fact, you don't have to imagine them, because I'm including pictures. Their names are Titania and Oberon. Bonus points for you if you can catch that reference. Oh. I also bought Valentine's Day candy corn, because candy corn makes my mouth quiver with happiness.

So the moral of this story is that I love my fish! Their Auntie Christine wants to buy them teeny tiny little Gucci sunglasses so that maybe they'll be more photogenic. Also, it turns out that my facebook friends are more interested in my goldfish acquisition than just about anything else in my life.

The end.

"Sara, I want to go out, meet lots of boys, make out with many of them, have them tell me how beautiful and wonderful I am, make them want me, and then have them put their penis inside of me because that is the best way to show me just how much they want me."
~An entirely unrelated/incredibly amusing quote of the day by Franny.

I love my friends. I need to start quoting them more often.


Duck said...

Do they make candy corn for fish?

Billy G said...

A few things I would like to know...

1 - Did the frilly underwear and bra, match the red high heels??

2 - What Madonna was it? Material Girl?

3 - With names like these, does this foretell of you getting a slightly bigger tank, with a sucker fish named Puck, who cleans up for Titania and Oberon? Just sayin...

Cadence said...

Ok...candy corn for fish. They'd REALLY love me then!

And of COURSE they matched the shoes. Obviously.

It was a Madonna mix...there was also some Pink, Gwen Stefani, and Aerosmith on there. It's from a mix my friend made me awhile ago.

BRILLIANT idea. Now I kind of want to go get the sucker fish named Puck! That is, provided that Titania and Oberon don't die anytime soon.

Tom said...

If they come out with candy corn for fish would they also come out with Swedish...people?

Cadence said...

Ha! Nice.

DAVID said...

Bagel is one lucky dog!

I already guessed, moons of Uranus. Technically--I was right. Besides it's just fun to say "Uranus."