Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I keep meaning to publish a post having to do with 2009, my resoultions, the awesome New Year's Eve I know. The standard "Suck it 2008/How YOU doin 2009" blog post that people need to do. However, when presented with the task of actually WRITING said blog post, I feel all kinds of pressure (from myself and my own crazy head) to make it perfect. Like somehow this blog has taken the form of two stone tablets on Mount Sinai, and if I post a resolution here and break it I might be cast into hell forever. Soooo...that'll happen eventually!

Meanwhile, feast your juicy little eyeballs on THESE videos. I'm a big supporter of Dove in general, and these videos speak volumes. So if you're wandering aimlessly around the store and trying to decide between Dove and Secret deodorant, or Dove and Caress body wash (I prefer Victoria's Secret for that, but whatever) perhaps these might encourage you to purchase from a company that's trying to change things up a little bit in our media...before too many little girls become victims, and we lose an entire generation to eating disorders, plastic surgery, masochism, pain, and "perfection."

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