Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Soooo...guess who has a new job! This will be a multiple choice question:

a. Our dog Hamlet--finally got his dream job of Mulch From The Yard Eater
b. The Noid--remember him? From Dominos? Avoid the Noid? He got hired by Pizza Hut to promote their wings.
c. Zach Morris--his ability to stop time by making a "T" with his hands has launched him into reality tv superstardom.
d. Me

If you guessed "d," then you win! Please see me at a later date to collect your prize. Just so you know, your prize is a hug.

After five and a half years (why does time move so quickly??) of working in Admissions at Penn State, I've been offered a job at Harrisburg Area Community College as their Coordinator of Student Life and Multicultural Affairs. I know what you're thinking, and yes...that DOES make me kind of a big deal. But honestly, it's a huge step up in terms of responsibility, SALARY, and awesomeness. I'm really excited to get started. My first day is January 4, and my new colleagues are already e-mailing and calling me with questions!

So, here's where this inevitably leads. I've said almost since I moved here that I wanted to move away. York wasn't nearly glamorous enough for me, there wasn't enough to do, the people didn't impress me...I had a nice little list of reasons to book it out of here. But here's the thing--it's kind of grown on me. I can easily get to Philly, Baltimore, DC, and NYC. Harrisburg, Lancaster, and York all have these great little hidden artsy areas with awesome local artists and businesses. And it's so cheap to live here! If I lived in NYC, like I've always said I wanted to do, I could never afford to DO anything! Living in York will afford me the opportunity to actually have money to spend. I can travel abroad. I can buy things. I can manage to feed my expensive tastes.

So apparently it turns out I'll be sticking around here, which is good. And also, in York, I stand out. People find me endlessly stylish, quirky, and savvy. I think I might blend in a little bit more in a bigger city, and I do NOT like doing that!

"The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in."
Paris Hilton


xine said...

1. I love this story.
2. I would love this story even more if you were moving to DC.
3. Did you know that Mark-Paul Gosselaar is half Indonesian? I'm holding out that Luca will play a blond hunk on a teen sitcom in about 10 years.
4. I bet that Hamlet did get a job as a mulch eater...which is kind of better than a carpet muncher... ish...

Cadence said...

That dog loves mulch! We don't get it. Every time he goes outside, he runs into the little garden and grabs a bite. Like he thinks it's his own private mulch buffet.

DC would be way fun. As is, we need to work on seeing each other more! We're less than 2 hours away!

I did not know this about Mark Paul. But do you remember when it was rumored that he died? My friends and I talked to him on the Ouija board, which makes me kind of annoyed that some other ghost was impersonating (imghostating) him. Hm.