Sunday, December 21, 2008


The Boy and I went to the Baltimore National Aquarium yesterday. I was so excited. I mean seriously friends, it doesn't take much. I was bouncing in the passenger seat of his car on the way there. Literally. I love the aquarium! I love fish, water, all of it. I've been drawn to water ever since I was little, and I'm always happier when I'm near it. I feel like I should get a fish and a fun little tank for my apartment, but I've never had great luck with that. But really, I'm 28 now. One would hope I could keep a small fish or two alive. I digress. As always.

But I had so much fun! We saw many turtles, and dolphins, and sharks, and sting rays. I learned new fun facts that I can spout off at inappropriate times. Like that a 6 foot electric eel can give off up to 800 volts of electricity...enough to stun a man. I know I'd be stunned. I know Buttercup was almost stunned when she jumped out of Vizzini's ship...good thing Fezzik was there to scoop her up. After all, he only dog paddles. Again, I digress. I need to try to stop that!

I don't really have anything prolific to say about the aquarium adventure except that I was so happy we went! And that I want to get a fish. Probably two fish. I'd hate for anyone to be lonely. I'd also like to mention that I am about to explode with excitement about Christmas and New Year's this year. 2008 was kind of a raging bitch, and I'm happy to see her depart. 2009 is shaping up to kick some serious ass.



Joel said...

The Shrieking Eels!

Quotes The Princess Bride and loves the you have a sister?

Cadence said...

Nope, no sister...I used to wish REALLY hard that I had a twin though. I think I wanted to get involved in some kind of mistaken identity trickery....

Joel said...

I wanted my brother to name his son Joel so when that time comes where the police are after anonymous tipster would lead them to THAT Joel.

Does that make me a bad person...oh...yeah...I suppose it does.

Oh well, we can't all be Good now can we.