Monday, February 8, 2010


So you know what's kind of depressing? I spend all kinds of time, effort, and money making sure that I am always wearing adorable underwear. I love them. When I'm not in a hurry, I definitely spend at least 10 minutes dancing around in front of my mirrors, showing off my awesome underwear to myself. I think part of me is hoping that somehow, someone can see me and be impressed--by both my rockin dance moves and my kickass choices in high panty fashion. But the depressing part--almost no one ever gets to see them!

I mean, now and then people see them. When I'm changing at the gym, or when I'm on the treadmill and my pants are falling down (which happens way more often than I think it should--suggestions?). But as a rule, the public doesn't get to see my cute undies. And it makes me mad. Because they're CUTE. Last fall, my mom sent me a pair of underwear with a little candy corn guy on it (you all know about my candy corn obsession right?), and on the back it said "Corny." HA! And they were swell little black boy-cut underwear that made my butt look great. So I was getting really depressed, until I finally decided to make my co-worker Chelsea come over. Here's how it went:

Me: Chelsea, we're friends, right?
Chelsea: Of COURSE we are.
Me: Ok, then please come over to my office right away.
Chelsea: (arrives in my office and shuts the door)
Me: I'm going to need to show you my underwear.

And I did. And, they were super cute! This is why I know I love Chelsea. She was perfectly excited to see them. I feel that I'm too new at this new job to wander around showing off my underwear to anyone.

So instead, I propose that we drop Casual Friday and instead implement Underwear Friday. I know what you're going to say--that you have lots of co-workers who you do NOT want to see traipsing around in their unmentionables. But be honest with yourself...don't you KIND OF want to know what that woman 2 offices down, with 12 cats and stale peppermint candy has on under her girdle and shiny white orthopedic shoes?? I do.

Please join me in this endeavor.


p.s. Yes...yes I was tempted to put a picture of myself in my OWN underwear up instead of just a picture of underwear that I happen to have. However, do we think that could get me fired? Probably. Once Underwear Friday gains momentum, I'll be much more likely to do it.


Anonymous said...

Womens underwear is the exact same thing as a bikini, so WHY NOT!! Makes no sense that it hasn't happened already.

bugs me.

T. said...

I agree--I call my cutest underwear "fundies." Please feel free to introduce the term into your own lexicon. :) yayyyyyy blogs!

Davey Boy - On The Road said...

I wear super cute underwear too. Actually, not, but if I were a girl I totally would. And I do feel a bit slighted that I have never been offered a peep show of you in your undies... excuse me, "fundies" (I'm already using the term, there ya' go T.)

I miss you, your hot buns, and your cute fundies. Glad my postcard surprised you :-)

Robin said...

suggestion: buy smaller (yet cute!)pants...then they won't fall down!

Cadence said...

Tara--fundies is brilliant. Dave, next time you come home, I'm going to show you my fundies every single day! Just come HOME already!

And Robin--it's not that they're too big! They fit, they're just like...bounced down sometimes, unless I wear the kind with tight waists, and I usually hate those because they're usually HIGH waisted, which is lame. :)

And "Anonymous"...yes. I know. xoxo

Chelsea said...

Oh my goodness - I DO love those "corny" undies - they are super cute!! :-) I'm picturing them and cracking up at my desk as I replay that little office episode. With that in mind, any possibility you may come back to PSY? Why? Because I miss you! And coworker stories like these!
P.S. Any pancake men at your current campus?

Artemis said...

I miss you guys! I can just picture you sharing your fundies with everyone who walked into the office. No one up here is quite that cool :(

Cadence said...

Oh, Hunter...I know. No one ANYWHERE is that cool.

Miss you too!

Andy said...

You've never shown me your undies, so I guess I see where we stand now.

I had no idea you were so big into panties, but everyone has their thing. There's no reason you shouldn't just embrace it. Maybe you could make it a campus event. You do have that power, after all.

As for the treadmill issue... I don't know... suspenders?

P.S. I got that food at Getty's, near Walmart. Other good (cheaper) options: Solid Gold and Natural Choice, available at nearby SuperPets, by the liquor store (so, 2 for 1)