Monday, June 13, 2011


Duncan the Puppy has been here for about a month. Puppies, in case you were wondering, completely turn your life upside down. Also, they pee about 459 times a day. They also somehow make you love them more fiercely than you can imagine almost immediately. But he's great. He's smart, fairly chill for a 15 week old puppy, and the cutest freaking thing you're ever going to meet. Please see the car ride photo shoot that I'm posting as evidence.

But a month is long enough to really start to get to know someone, especially when you spend every free moment you have with that someone, mostly cuddling or being attacked. It's definitely long enough to find out most of that someone's likes and dislikes.

Duncan Loves:

1. Kisses. He is great at kisses, especially when you pick him up. Which leads to...

2. Being held. He thinks it's the best.

3. Dancing. Amazing dancer.

4. Playing. Duncan is awesome at playing, and also at pulling out toys. He can play with or without you, with other dogs, or by himself. He should get some kind of award for playing.

5. Peeing. Seriously, this dog pees more than I have EVER seen a dog pee. It's basically constant. Luckily it happens outside about 80% of the time, which isn't terrible.

6. Going for walks.

7. Coming home from walks. For as much as he loves walking, as soon as we turn to head home, he gets super excited and runs straight to the door.

8. Treats. Obviously. Treats are the best.

9. Everyone. Are you a person? Duncan loves you and wants to play with you.

10. Chasing butterflies at the park. This is actually so cute that it's a little bit ridiculous.

11. Jumping. Jumping off of couches, jumping onto couches, jumping after toys, jumping down stairs...if it's jumping, it's awesome.

12. Naps. Naps rule, and should be taken often.

13. Apples and carrots. He sometimes appreciates a healthy snack.

14. Socks. He doesn't know what to do with them, he just holds them in his mouth. But you'd better believe that he thinks they're fantastic.

15. Cuddles. This includes, but is not limited to, belly rubs, nose nuzzles, ear scratches, etc.

16. Sitting. He's really proud that he knows how to sit. He also loves to lie down and roll over.

17. Tumbling. Falling down in general.

18. The vet's office. It's very exciting and clean. They also seem to love cuddles, so it's a win/win.

19. Car rides. Duncan has recently gotten big enough to jump into the car on his own, so car rides are especially exciting.

20. Going to bed at night.

21. Waking up. So much fun.

22.'s hilarious, evidently.

23. Other dogs. Even the ones who don't particularly appreciate a puppy pouncing on them.

24. Doing laps around the living room after coming inside the house. It's very, very important that he runs at least 2 laps around the living room after coming inside.

25. Biting your face. Your face needs to be bitten, and he's the man to do it.

Duncan Hates:


I'll let you know when I stumble across ANYTHING that this dog hates. Mostly he thinks every single thing he encounters is the absolute best. Have you seen Parks and Recreation? He is the dog version of Rob Lowe's character.

I love him.



Joel said...

The infinity peeing will lessen soon enough. Fun. Fun.

Andy said...

Duncan hates the thought of anyone not loving everything.

Catfeesh said...

I think it kinda looks like a wookie. It's cute, though.

Cadence said...

I think Wookies are cute! He does though, you're right