Friday, January 13, 2012


It's a brand new year, everyone! Well, to be honest, it's been a brand new year for awhile now. I just tend to take my time with things. In any case, I'm pretty sure it's going to be an awesome one...I got to spend New Year's Eve with some of my very favorite people in the world in my very favorite place in the world. Also I'm getting married in 78 days, not that anyone is counting or anything. And I'm going to New Orleans next month!

So people always talk about New Year's resolutions, and for the most part, people don't really seem to have any, although the gym is suddenly bursting at the seams with people, which I hate. It's okay, I give them until March. I also didn't really go for the whole resolutions thing, until I realized how boring that was. I have decided, instead, to make a LOT of resolutions. Like too many. That's way more interesting. And obviously you want to know what they are, right?

1. No more pants.
You know that I have a very lax pants policy, right? I just don't like them. I therefore resolve to wear dresses all the time, even more than I do now.

2. Punctuation
I sometimes read over the emails I send to people and realize that I use WAY too many exclamation points. It kind of makes me seem like a tool. I resolve to use only two strategically placed exclamation points per email. I will not, however, give up my use of ellipses or smiley faces, because let's just be reasonable.

3. Thriller
Every time I hear that song, I start to think that I know the dance, but the truth is that I don't. I know little bits of it, but if a flash mob ever pops up next to me using Thriller, I'm going to be out of luck. So I resolve to learn the Thriller dance in its entirety in 2012.

4. Coffee
I hate coffee. I hate people with coffee breath (well I mean I don't hate the people, just that stale coffee smell). But I so SO love the idea of being able to say things like, "Oh, I know, let's just meet for coffee!" Or "You know how it is, can't start my day without my coffee," and being able to walk around with a quirky little travel mug and have it warm up my insides. I've almost found a way around this, because I love chai tea. However, unless I get it from Starbucks or make it myself at home, it's usually packed with sugar and crap. But I should learn to at least tolerate some kind of coffee-related warm beverage.

5. Kisses
I already spend way too much time every morning kissing this dog's face, but I resolve to kiss it even MORE.

6. Cordy
Andy and I want a Great Dane. Don't tell our parents. They will say things like, "Do you realize how big a Great Dane is? Do you know how much it will eat?" Yes we do. Very big. And it will eat a lot. But they're awesome, and Duncan needs a gigantic new baby best friend.

7. Happy
See that photo up there? That person makes me happier than anything in the world, so my super important resolution is try to make the people in my life even half as happy as he makes me.



AndyShawComedy said...

You know what's funny? For a second I thought the photo you were referring to was Duncan, and I thought, yep, that makes sense, he makes you very happy.

And you're correct, he does need a giant baby best friend.

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